Trinity Toe Tappers Put On Dancing Exhibition For Public

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The “Trinity Toe Tappers” clogging group put on a three hour public performance at the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre that delighted hundreds of visitors to the mall in June. In the photo we see five members of the group of dedicated clog dancers who have evolved from the former “Capreol Cloggers”.
From September to May they meet once a week every Monday evening in the Trinity United Church (Capreol) hall.
The “Trinity Toe Tappers” consist of a very diverse group of individuals, most of whom live in Valley East or Capreol. However, one member travels from Wahnapitae and another is a published choreographer. The dancers perform regularly on a volunteer basis at various local community functions, at the area Senior’s Residences and Nursing Homes, and as well at the Irish Celtic Fair organized annually in March by the Sudbury Irish Arts Association.
Clog dancing is a lively dance with roots in Irish jig, English country dances, Scottish dances, African steps, and can be traced as far back as the early 1500’s. One historian has suggested that the dance originated in the mill towns in England where workers, who commonly wore stout wooden-soled shoes would go out into the cobblestone streets during their lunch breaks and hold impromptu dancing contests.
If you are interested in joining the Trinity Toe Tappers, contact Valerie Bainbridge at 897-4373.