Valley Pentecostal Church Helps Distribute Close To $1 Million Worth of Food To People In Need During The Past Three Years

pics 280lanctotJack Lanctot, on the left, and Rodney Deforges, take a breather while up to two dozen other volunteers continue to unload close to $80,000 worth of food that was delivered to Valley Pentecostal Church in Hanmer on November 30. This was the seventh such shipment received by the church in the past year, with all of the food and supplies being distributed to various food banks and other service organizations throughout the City of Greater Sudbury. In fact over 20 charity organizations benefit from the donations.

Rodney Deforges founded Faith Charities of Ontario (Deforges Family Ministries) three years ago. He is based in Manitowaning. Rev. Steve Gudrie and his wife, Esther, along with their children, Curtis and Jenn, got Valley Pentecostal Church involved with the food distribution program right from the beginning and have received approximately 15 shipments totaling close to $1 million in food and supplies. The Church has even donated the transport that was used to bring the food to Hanmer in November. Eva Lanctot, a local realtor, donates the $1,000 it costs to cover the expenses of getting some of the shipments to the Church.
Deforges collects the food from manufacturers in southern Ontario. There is nothing wrong with the food and supplies, but government regulations are very restrictive when it comes to the distribution of food items to grocery stores and retail outlets. For example you may purchase a canned food item from a grocery store that has a “best before date” in December and keep it on your pantry shelf until April. There is still nothing wrong with the food since it can normally remain in the can for at least six months beyond the “best before” date. However, the manufacturer and the retailer cannot sell it to you after a certain date. That food becomes surplus and is available for distribution through food banks and other charitable organizations.
The Faith Charities of Ontario came up with a way of providing a service to the manufacturers who had to get rid of the surplus products in order to make room for new products.  Until the Faith Charities of Ontario came along, the manufacturers had to contact people to try to get rid of the surplus supplies.
Now they simply call Deforges and he sends a transport to pick the supplies up for distribution to needy people through organizations such as the Valley Pentecostal Church. Everyone wins! Each week millions of dollars of food are distributed by the Faith Charities of Ontario which now has eight transports on the road.
Eva Lanctot Realty heard about the work that was being done through Valley Pentecostal Church and was eager to do whatever she could to help out. As it turned out, the Church could only come up with enough funds to pay for a limited number of shipments, so Eva stepped up to the plate. Now, whenever Pastor Steve gets a call from Rodney about another shipment that is ready to be delivered, he just says bring it on. The 53 foot transport trailer is “always welcome” and the food is distributed within 24 hours.
Deforges explained that he never knows what is going to be available when he is called to a warehouse. There are times when he has picked up a load of 40 skids of popcorn. He brings it all back to his warehouse at Manitowaning and spreads it out all across Ontario, but mainly in the northern communities. All of the items get distributed and are very much appreciated by the recipients.
pics 282truckThis is indeed a good news story and our hats go off to the Gudries of Valley Pentecostal Church, to Rodney Deforges of Deforges Family Ministries, and to Eva Lanctot of Lanctot Realty.