Celebrate the New Year with a New Start!

Have you been avoiding the library lately because of overdue fines?

Now’s your chance to come clean with the New Year… New Start campaign.

How it works:

* Return your overdue books and any other library materials and restore your library privileges without penalty or fine during the amnesty period of January 2 to January 31, 2010.

* You must come in person to have your overdue fines waived.

* Ask library staff to wipe your record clean and they will do so – no questions asked!

* If your library card is inactive, staff will issue you a new card at no charge.

“This program is particularly important in the current, difficult economic climate. Overdue fines may pose an economic barrier to library access for those who could benefit the most from library resources,” said Ron Henderson, Library Director. “Don’t let the fear of fines keep you from your library.”

Take advantage of the library’s amnesty campaign today.

Above all, Welcome Back to the Library!