Local 10-Digit Dialing is Coming to 705 Area

Local 10-Digit Dialing is Coming to 705 Area and Businesses and consumers are advised to get ready.

Beginning January 15, 2011, residents of the region served by the 705 area code in Ontario will be required to dial 10 digits – the area code followed by the seven-digit phone number- for all local calls. The introduction of 10-digit dialing in the area is the result of a decision by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) and will pave the way for the addition of a new area code, 249, in March 2011, as the 705 area code reaches capacity.

From now until the introduction of 10-digit dialing, the Telecommunications Alliance, a group of Ontario’s major telecommunications companies, will lead an information campaign that includes advertising, information for business and consumer associations and a web site (www.dial10.ca) where useful information can be found.

“Ten-digit dialing  affects all residents and businesses in the region served by area code 705. It is important that everyone takes the time  to  reprogram their systems and communications equipment prior to January 15, 2011, in order to avoid any inconveniences caused by the changes,” stated Glenn Pilley, spokesperson for the Canadian Numbering Administrator. As of January 15, 2011, local calls dialed with only seven digits will be interrupted by a recorded announcement before being connected. The announcement may disrupt data transmission so it is important to make the necessary changes in advance.

How to get ready

All consumers and businesses must add the area code to pre-programmed numbers in all of their telecommunications devices (e.g. autodialers, fax machines and computers). They must also contact their alarm company to ensure that their alarms and security systems are already reprogrammed for 10-digit dialing.

New area code
Starting in March 2011, a new area code, 249, will be added in the 705 region using the overlay method. This new area code will coexist with the current 705 area code and will cover the same geographic area. Customers with area code 705 numbers will retain their numbers. Numbers in the new 249 area code will only be assigned to customers for additional services on an as-needed basis. Introducing a new area code does not affect local calling areas in any way.

The Telecommunications Alliance
The Telecommunications Alliance, whose members include Bell, Rogers and TELUS, was formed to spearhead this public awareness initiative. Interested parties can find detailed information on how to get prepared for local 10-digit dialing at www.dial10.ca.